Why Power Quality Analyzers is a Mandate for most industries?

Power Quality Analyzers

Power quality information is vital to know the asset performance and poor power quality leads to an increase in energy bills by rising power usage and damaging expensive equipment. Also, diagnosing and servicing faulty equipment were found to be a time-consuming process, which in turn affects productivity.

Nanovip Cube  – An intelligent & portable power quality device to save energy and improvise profits. Portable Power Quality Analyzer will help you to easily and quickly identify the failure or unscheduled outages, the magnitude of power quality issues, Unbalance in the system etc.

  • Allows versatile measurements and analysis of power quality events such as Swell, Dip, Interruption, Transients, and Harmonics.
  • High capacity rechargeable batteries with more than 24 hours of battery life and extended measurement can be done without using the main power supply.
  • Measures medium and low voltage power system integrated for 2/3/4 wire connection system (balanced and unbalanced ) supporting AC or DC utilities.
  • Quickstart mode and automatic connection probes are provided to check the wiring connections before the actual measurement is performed.
  • Power, Waveform and Vector displays for an enhanced display of the monitored output power quality.
  • Quickly records and process data by the integration of a user-friendly, USB cable to the PC using appropriate software as an accessory with memory up to 4GB in SD Card. 
  • Measures Active reactive and apparent power to check the energy consumption using trend and graphs for easy view.
  • Conformance testing to EN 50160.
  • Comes with the complete kit which consists of 3000 amps Flexi CT’s, other  accessories as well as  PC software
  • The Applications of the Power Quality Analyzers are directed to a very wide range of users, with particular reference to the energy auditors.

The Applications of the Power Quality Analyzers are directed to a very wide range of users, with particular reference to the energy auditors.

  1. Energy Audits
  2. Manufacturing Industries
  3. Energy Companies
  4. Data centres
  5. Telecommunication
  6. Educational Institutions
  7. Healthcare
  8. Commercial Facilities
  1. Energy Audits – Power quality analyzers allow the property owners or building operators to receive a detailed report on their energy consumption, device efficiencies, and power quality measurements by Metering energy audits. The data provided by the auditors using power quality analyzers will be used for monitoring losses of power and cost allocation.
  2. Manufacturing Industries – Power quality analyzers allow the maintenance managers and operators to take suitable measures to ensure expensive equipment used in manufacturing and process-based operations are safeguarded by means of the right information available and to execute effectively and efficiently.
  3. Energy Companies – Appropriate power quality management can be devised by using power quality analyzers to improve power variants and energy efficiencies.
  4. Data centres – A power quality analyzer will be used to eradicate challenges that disrupt the effectiveness of systems or critical devices used in data centres and provide a proactive solution to these issues.
  5. Telecommunication – The frequent tripping of devices in telecommunication sectors was mostly associated with voltage sags and swells, was further found to increase loads such as short circuits or faults, or by an abrupt reduction in load on a circuit. Thus, a power quality analyzer was found to resolve these issues avoiding costly maintenance of equipment. An optional DC clamp( along with meter) can be used to check DC parameters in Towers and their healthiness.
  6. Educational Institutions – Power quality analyzers could be used in institutions to monitor and perform in-depth analysis in a controlled setting to rapidly isolate issues, test responses, planning facilities and restructured layouts.
  7. Healthcare – Healthcare sectors use a critical device that is of utmost significance in saving lives, where power quality monitoring device will ensure the smooth running of devices and protection against unforeseen events that deteriorate the performance.
  8. Commercial Facilities – Power quality analyzers can be used in commercial buildings to maintain daily activities and take proactive actions against damage to critical systems. A simple and easy-to-use handled Power Quality device from ELMEASURE® can be used to perform periodic assessments which stores data, measures energy and ELNET Power Studio software is used to perform detailed analysis to improve their quality and reliability. An unbalanced load study can be done and corrective actions can be taken in commercial establishments.

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