Why do residents/builders install ACCL (Automatic Changeover with Current limiter)?


Instability of power, fluctuation, and failure in the supply of electricity is a major challenge in several developing countries. Setbacks arising from incessant power failures are still a major concern even in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

The need for an alternative power supply had become imperative and generators were used for assistance during power outages to supply load in residential and commercial buildings. However, this comes with the challenges associated with the manual changeover between sources. Thus, builders and residents came up with the solution by installing Automatic Changeover with Current Limiter to eliminate the need for manual or human intervention for switching to an available source of power.

What is ACCL?

The ACCL is a device designed to provide automatic switching of power supply between utility supply and generator. In general, there are two types of changeover switches that are used to transfer the sources namely, manual and electronic changeover. 

Manual changeover switches comprising switch gearbox and cutout fuse or the connector fuse are popularly used to transfer load between two sources. This comes with a limitation that the electrician or a maintenance supervisor needs to manually switch the contacts from the mains terminal to the generator terminal and vice versa during an outage. This could lead to damage to equipment resulting from overloading at a changeover, and the ceramic insulator could crack during the process of transfer leading to electric shock.

Automatic changeover is found to eliminate the delay associated with manual operation and transfers back to the primary source (to utility) spontaneously when the power is restored. Also, ACCL is inbuilt with a step loading feature which would help in protecting the generator coils and increase the lifespan of generators reducing the downtime.

Automatic switching of power supply
The ACCL manufactured by
Elmeasure ACCL standouts with its ability to set parameters on-site such as a programmable number of tripping cycles, current, overvoltage and under-voltage protection and comes with additional features such as :

  • Control your ACCL remotely using Mobile APP
  • Reset your ACCL using your MCCB from your residence without depending on an electrician and extra cost
  • On-Site current programmability based on loads for both mains and generator
  • Load protection from over-voltage and under-voltage
  • Sequential time-delayed switching to avoid sudden overloading of the generator
  • Field configurable overcurrent setting and tripping for mains supply and generator.
  • Inbuilt display and measurement of I, V, F and Kwh on the generator side and mains side for iACCL M600
  • Single-phase ACCL is built with separate control for power and lighting load to reduce wiring cost
     ACCL remotely using Mobile APP

How does it help the residents?

  • The automatic change over switch minimizes damages to lives/equipment since it has its own monitoring system and its switching requires no human contact with the switch.
  • An ACCL could also reduce the maintenance cost of a generator as it provides the feasibility to program delay of transfer between utility and generator to avoid overloading.
  • It provides a seamless transfer to maintain a high quality of service to complement the main power supply and provide an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Monitor regularly generator and utility consumption to avoid tenant issues
  • In case the tenant delays the payment towards the DG consumption bill, the relay can be programmed on-site to cut the service to the particular flat and restore on payment


Where can we use ACCL?

  • Apartments and Villas
  • Commercial centres
  • Airports & Railways
  • Banking & Finance
  • Infrastructure & Telecommunications.

If you require any other information regarding ACCL, feel free to contact Us.!

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