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The year 2020 proved difficult for each and every one of us with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and it surely has impacted all our lives. Our health has never been threatened and put to so much risk, that all sectors were shut down except medical and essentials. We know that this virus is not going to disappear for a long time. The question was what could Elmeasure do to address this issue. We as a company, wanted to explore a long term solution that would benefit society as a whole.

The deeds of the renowned carmakers such as Maruti Suzuki, Ford and General Motors of tying-up with the local companies in mass production of ventilators to help the country, was nothing short of an inspiration! We wanted to be a helping hand too.

The research and discussions clearly proved to us that our ISO-certified manufacturing practices and dealer network were our key strengths. However, we were short-handed with two things – technology to kill germs, and the relative inexperience in the field of consumer products.

From the time of Elmeasure’s inception, ‘Building People’ has always been the philosophy that we abided by, and is the one which we pride in! Health, safety and stability of our people, especially of their infants and elderly is our top priority. The pandemic surely challenged all of these. ‘Innovation’ was the only answer to these challenges. We love solving problems and it has been one of our core driving values since 2004. We are constantly looking out for those challenging problems and test ourselves to come up with applicable solutions.

By making use of Rockforest’s superior UV technology along with our manufacturing practices, we came up with EL-CLEAiR. It is an aesthetically well designed table with a UV drawer where your phones, keys, wallet and other day-to-day articles can be sanitized within 10 minutes. With a filtration efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns, the additional HEPA air filter provides the ultimate protection in trapping allergens, dust and other particulates surrounding you and provides the cleanest air.

Many companies are taking advantage of people’s anxiety and panic to promote their preventive health products but without any scientific back-up. This gave us the insight to get   EL-CLEAiR thoroughly tested for it’s effectiveness at an accredited laboratory before introducing it to the public and have scientific test reports backing it up.

All of us have ideas and some of them might really work. Nothing brings us a sense of satisfaction and joy like going that extra mile on a challenging path, and coming up with a practical solution to a global problem.

It’s one thing to state one’s ideas and values, but to prove them by action is something else entirely!

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