I call this a hypothesis because it is just the dogma of an individual after seeing the problems and correlating with some other equivalent theory and the industry his company works for, to compliment in their own style. This is a hypothesis, which can cause chaos if it’s considered just Go ahead
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My previous article was about how to effectively choose an energy management system? Since the hype is on Indian elections, why can we not correlate the same for how to effectively achieve good governance using technology, #DigitalTransformation? Note: This is just a hypothesis that might be a possibility with ever Go ahead
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The digital world is the living world & the rest are just spectators. So, this statement gives birth to these 2 questions of all time, that makes Digital Transformation is not the luxury but necessary. Are you Digital Ready? / Are you Digitally Ready? Digital Transformation in many areas like Go ahead
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Middle East Electricity is one of the largest global exhibitions conducted every year in the middle east for Energy & Power industry. Unlike other exhibitions for Energy, MEE has got the caliber to pull the crowd from almost every continent. There are pretty reasons why everyone who is somehow connected Go ahead
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When the energy you consume is the metric of your performance & growth, Frequent Energy Auditing is the best way to achieve your energy targets. The energy audit is the key source of energy efficiency initiative. With the changing time and technology, energy audit report needs more detailed analytics representation. Go ahead
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