How to manage your entire spinning mill through a single integrated IoT platform

Spinning Mill Management Software

Maximum visibility allows you to have better control of the processes, resources
consumption, production and thus your business.

Energy is one of the most expensive raw materials of the textile industry. Having in-depth visibility on expensive resources such as energy, air, steam allows you to better understand how your textile mill consumes energy, so you can make smarter, informed decisions on how to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Elmeasure iPEMS solution is a go-to IoT energy and process management solution that is designed specifically for the spinning and textile industry. Enabled on a smart IoT platform, it helps you integrate all your machines, resources, production processes, and offers complete real-time insights on your mill assets, from power consumption, production processes to the overall yarn output and its quality.

The iPEMS solution equally empowers low-level technicians and the mill stakeholders to make smart business decisions on-the-go to reduce the UKG, optimize the operations and the associated costs, improve machine efficiency, maximize workforce productivity and save significantly on monthly energy bills.

Spinning mill - IoT based energy management solution
Spinning mill – IoT energy and process management solution

Intelligent Process & Energy Management Solution (iPEMS) — An IoT solution to simplify your life

Instead of wasting your precious time on hacky solutions, the Elmeasure iPEMS solution can improve the way you manage your mill operations. As a robust, all-in-one solution that brings everything you need into one centralized account, you can manage, monitor, analyze, benchmark and audit your mill activities all under the same platform.

Spinning Mill Textile Energy Management Solution
Spinning Mill and Textile Energy Management Solution

24×7 resources and process monitoring

The iPEMS solution has been developed to address the needs of the modern textile mill. As a fully connected platform, mill operators have access to real-time data so they can mitigate any risks, take advantage of opportunities, and manage the operations more efficiently, thus reducing wastages and maximising the productivity of your mill.

How does the Intelligent Process & Energy Management Solution (iPEMS) benefit you?

  • A single fully-integrated platform to monitor the entire mill resources and processes. This includes energy, power quality, air, temperature, relative humidity, production, yarn quality and the UKG.
  • A complete wireless monitoring solution through WiFi-enabled measuring devices.
  • Significantly improve energy efficiency across all your mill assets.
  • 100% protection for the connected loads against dangerous electrical variations.
  • Easily schedule the maintenance of machines individually via a dedicated planner.
  • A customised Mobile App — every data you need to make great decisions is at your fingertips.
  • Detailed insights and live alerts on air leakages, idle running, energy, power and productivity losses.
  • Reduce machine downtime & maximize machine utilization & efficiency.
  • Being a high accuracy EMS system, the solution can help you get ISO 50001 Green standard certifications.
  • Features such as SMS/email notifications, multi-site integration and ERP Integration.
  • A unified platform to seamlessly collect, process, aggregate and report every single information from every corner of the mill and enable you to optimize your mill productivity and profitability.

Let us help you to take your spinning mill business to the next level. Contact us for a demo & more info.

Textile Management Solution

 IoT textile energy and process management solution designed specifically for the cotton mills, empowers the management to reduce the UKG, optimize the operations, maximize productivity and save significantly on monthly energy bills.

Iot based Textile Management Solution
Elmeasure Textile Management Solution

Customer Case study Sowmiya spinners with an installed capacity of 38000 spindles saved up to 36,50,000 kwh units of energy in a year

Sowmiya Spinners — Who they are

Sowmiya Spinners Pvt Ltd is a flagship textile/yarn manufacturer located at Annur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Having incorporated as a private company in 2002, it was promoted by Mr. KM Chinnadurai and his family. As well established textile manufacturers, they are engaged in the manufacturing of cotton yarn as well as other textile products such as fibers, cotton and knitted fabrics. SSPL plant with an installed capacity of 38,000 spindles. The company also operates 6 wind energy generators with a total capacity of 5.6 MW for captive power consumption.

Using the iPEMS system, they have

  • Identified energy & UKG losses caused by rogue motors and machines.
  • Spotted and arrested leakages in compressed air lines, autoconer & other areas saving up to 4,38,000 kWh units per year.
  • Pinpointed the rogue motors and fine-tuned the humidification plant, saving up to 10,95,000 kWh units per year.
  • Visualised the machine behaviours at different process settings and fine-tuned to be energy efficient, and saved 2,55,500 kWh units per year.
  • Reduce up to 75% of the breaks by monitoring them closely.
  • Reduced raw material wastages and improved the quality in Preparatory by closely monitoring and controlling the breaks.
  • Saved up to 4,74,500 kWh units per year in Waste Collection in opening and cleaning.
  • Achieved overall savings up to 10000 kWh units per day across the entire mill.
  • Automated data collection, along with ERP integration.
  • Improved the productivity significantly by identifying and reducing the idle time, stoppages, excess doffing time, lower speed patterns, leading to higher machine utilisation.
  • Achieved the benchmark of 2.82 UKG for the Avg Count of 35.30

“With help of this system we are able to manage the entire mills in a single window and this system empowers all our Production, Maintenance and Electrical staff in their areas. We are very much satisfied with the features, performance of Elmeasure iPEMS System and their dedicated support. This IOT / Digitalization has supported us well in COVID period.

Sowmiya Spinning mill textile industry Pvt Ltd
Sowmiya Spinner’s annual savings on energy

Let us help you to take your spinning mill business to the next level. Contact us for a demo & more info.

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