Automatic transfer switches enable airport to offer a smoother travel experience

Automatic transfer switches

Lohagaon Airport located at Viman Nagar, Pune is expanded with a new 4-storey multi-level parking facility to solve the parking hassle for the passengers. With built-in conveyor systems, elevators and lighting facilities, this state-of-the-art amenity can park up to 3000 cars at a time.


People don’t like to wait, especially around a parking lot.

People who fly often have tight schedules. Whether the lights go out or the conveyor system halts due to a power failure, people hate waiting for the power to come back online. The facility’s infrastructure should ensure people get through parking systems
in and out quickly and seamlessly.


A reliable high-speed solenoid ATS to the rescue.

For such high-demanding environments, an industrial-grade Automatic Transfer Switch that instantaneously switches the load to the backup source during a mains failure is vital. After due diligence of available models, ELMEASURE’s solenoid-based ATS was chosen as it met all the criteria: high-speed switching capabilities, a feature-rich product offering multiple benefits yet cost-effective. Additionally, offering a quick delivery service and support with 18 months warranty.

As a switching solutions provider, we are particularly delighted to be a part of this new expansion project at Pune International Airport. In this demanding 4-storey multi-level parking area, our solenoid-based ATS ensures uninterrupted power, leading to a smoother flow of passengers at the Airport’s new facility.

If you’re looking for superior high-speed transfer switches or To know more about the right ATS solution for your business

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