Let the power source change, but don’t experience a blackout.

Automatic Transfer Switch : the what and the why?

Automatic Transfer Switch :  An ATS is a device that is designed to Automatically transfer between (2 or 3) sources of power to improve the reliability of the electrical supply to the connected load and to provide zero interruption of power. 

 It automatically switches when it senses one of the sources has lost or gained power.

Automatic Transfer Switch Not only transfers the load to the backup generator but also it commands  the backup generator to start and stop, based on the voltage monitored on the primary supply.

ATS installed in Industries, a  Industries is equipped with a backup generator and an ATS.

When an electric utility outage occurs, the ATS will tell the backup generator to start.

Once the ATS sees that the generator is ready to provide electric power, the ATS breaks the  connection from the electric utility and connects the generator to the same main electrical panel.

When a  utility power returns for a minimum time, the ATS will automatically transfer  back to utility power and command the generator to turn off.

Operation Areas of ATS 

1.Utility to Utility. 

2.Generator to  Generator.

3.Utility to Generator.

4.Standby power system to two utility feeds.  Etc.

Utility to Utility

Dual utility applications are becoming more common , in facilities with  zero interruption of power, but no standby generator. If one utility feed fails, the transfer switch automatically connects the load to the second utility feed.

Generator to  Generator

(using multiple on-site generators)If the primary generator fails, the transfer switch sends a start signal to the second generator and then transfers the load.

Utility to Generator

If the supply from  Utility fails/ interrupted ,the transfer switch will send a start signal to the generator automatically and connect the generator supply to load. 

Easiest way to transfer power sources to Back up Power



ATS is a factory assembled device and it  requires minimum knowledge for installation, thereby simplifying the installation and reducing the amount of time required to be operational. 

Safety and protection

The current-carrying parts of the device are all enclosed, providing protection against any direct contact. There are absolutely no exposed wires.In an emergency situation requiring manual operation, the automatic and remote use are disabled by simply operating  the handle.

Space reducing

The device has been designed to be extremely small and compact with  fully enclosed. Compared to traditional devices, the Compact ATS takes very less cabin space. 

No supplementary accessories are needed, not even an extra external power source.


Automatic starting and stopping of Diesel generator on the mains failure.

It is provided with a fire alarm / external fault trip feature.

Automatic transfer switches are designed to  withstand high short circuits.

It provides the safety of load and equipment ,during the changeover of switch, when the fault occurs at primary side.

Types of ATS provided by Elmeasure:

1. Motorised based Automatic Transfer Switch.

2. Solenoid based Automatic Transfer switch.

Decoding the application of ATS : where is it used?

Know More

Motorised based Automatic Transfer Switch:

The motorised ATS  is operated by an electrical  motor for moving the contact. 

Motorised ATS is usually adapted  for adjustment.( ie; Transfering the switch with some delay)

Who needs it?

 The small scale Industries.

 The Water treatment plant. 

 Shopping Malls.

 Huge Apartments.

 Educational Institutes.

 Airports. etc..

Where  the delay (delay of 3 second) of switching  does not affect  normal operation/working  conditions, without loss of data and resources.

Solenoid based Automatic Transfer switch.

The solenoid ATS is operated by the magnet, just one electromagnetic coil is used for moving the contact. The Solenoid ATS is used for Faster and Quick operation when it senses the fault within a fraction of  milliseconds. 

Who needs it?

The places were  interruption of power even for 1 seconds leads to the REAL TIME LOSS / UNRECOVERABLE LOSS,  To prevent that a Solenoid ATS is essential !

The Large scale Industries.

Data centers Data.

Telecommunications and Telecom towers.

Hospital (mainly operation Theaters,ICU’s ,Emergency’s )

Railways and Railway power lines.

Sports Stadiums. 

World Trade Centers. Etc..

Where switching operations take place in range from 0.3 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds (as a fraction of Eye blinking ).

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