Prepaid Meter Manufactures In india
LoRa based PrePaid Energy Meters: Shaping the future of Utility Management Technology can only be utilized and most importantly, revolutionized. When you are in the utility sector, it is the responsibility of each and everybody serving to provide ‘Vikaas’. In common words, Vikaas translates to development and it can be Go ahead
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Manual changeover
The year 2020 proved difficult for each and every one of us with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and it surely has impacted all our lives. Our health has never been threatened and put to so much risk, that all sectors were shut down except medical and essentials. We know that this virus Go ahead
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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
Introduction – Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) The 2012 power blackout of northern and eastern India was a very serious affair. Half of India’s population or 9% of the world’s population was affected. The majority of the country had no access to the power supply and came to a standstill. South Go ahead
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Automatic Transfer Switch
Automatic Transfer Switch:  An ATS is a device that is designed to Automatically transfer between (2 or 3) sources of power to improve the reliability of the electrical supply to the connected load and to provide zero interruption of power.  It automatically switches when it senses one of the sources has Go ahead
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Instability of power, fluctuation, and failure in the supply of electricity is a major challenge in several developing countries. Setbacks arising from incessant power failures are still a major concern even in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. The need for alternative power supply had become imperative and generators Go ahead
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